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About Us

“I want to create more than an accessory when I develop a collection, I want to create pieces that represent feminine and contemporary values such as practicality, beauty, lightness and relaxation, with the touch of accessible sophistication that semi- jewel offers.”

Simone Wagner

Donna Si is a semi-jewels company founded by the Brazilian designer Simone Wagner in 1997. At this time, the pieces created by the designer were marketed throughout Brazil by an office atelier in one of the best known malls in Rio de Janeiro.

In 2002, Simone was invited to attend the International Accessories Show in the United States. There she had the opportunity to present her design and original collections to the international market. From that moment on she began a new phase: the exportation business.

In 2012, presenting a consolidated relationship with many clients around the world, the company was restructured and Simone Wagner officially repositioned her business in the market and launched the Brazilian semi-jewels export brand Donna Si.

Using modern techniques in noble metals, Donna Si's production line are a selection of unique and hand-made pieces created with pearls, crystals and semi-precious Brazilian stones in an incredible range of size, shape and colors, worked in 18K gold plated or rodhium.

Simone Wagner hold a strong credibility with customers from countries around the world with her bold design and constantly invests in research, technology, high-quality Brazilian materials. In order to keep this position Simone personally supervises every stage of her business.

Currently, 80% of Donna Si's design is exported mainly to the US, European and Eastern markets. Look here!

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